• 1. Organizing Entities:

    This promotional activity will be co-organized by SODEXO, CIF A08427296, with residence at Calle Chile Nº 8 (08028 Barcelona), with Pangea Official Youth Assocation, CIF G87141099, with residence at Calle Carrera de San Jerónimo 17 Planta 3 (28014, Madrid).

  • 2. Scope of application:

    Women who are of legal age, regardless of their nationality, between the ages of 18 and 26 years, that meet the following requirements:

    • Carries out actions of interest or social impact in her geographical area related to the objective of this program (improving the quality of life of women).
    • Has perfect command of the English language (spoken and written), given that the activities to be developed in this program will be English.
  • 3. Purpose of the conference

    The goal of the EQUALITY program is to identify the needs surrounding the quality of life of women and generate real solutions for these needs in collaboration with the 10 selected women.

  • 4. Validity of the registration:

    Registration will be active from April 10 at 00:00 to May 31 at 23:59, both days included. The period is fixed as follows:

    • Start date on April 10, 2018.
    • Completion date on March 31, 2018.
  • 5. Participants:

    10 profiles will be selected, which must meet the following conditions to participate in the conference:

    • Carries out actions of interest or social impact in her geographical area related to the objective of this program (improving the quality of life of women).
    • Has perfect command of the English language (spoken and written), given that the activities to be developed in this program will be English.
  • 6. Form of participation:

    The phases of the conference are as follows:


    Registration will occur on the form found at within the deadline established in point four of these legal bases.


    The organizing entities will contact the 10 women selected to participate in this program via email and/or telephone, in order to communicate their selection and confirm their presence at the workshops. Said communication will be carried out during the week of June 18th to July 6th, 2018.


    Two days before the Unleash Event (to be held on September 26th, 27th, and 28th), two days will be conducted in workshop format, directed by the organizing entities, where work will be carried out to generate solutions that improve the quality of life of women in the following areas:

    • Physical Environment
    • Health & Well-being
    • Social Interaction
    • Ease & Efficicienty.

    For each of these areas, solutions will be sought from four different points of view (from four different segments):

    • Students and university students.
    • Patients
    • Seniors
    • Employees

    During the two work days, the 10 women selected will work together according to the time periods establishsed in the agenda on the web page.

  • 7. Gratification

    The 10 selected participants will get a free entry to attend the event Unleash, the amount of which will be assumed by Sodexo.

  • 8. Personal data: call for partipicipation

    Participation in this conference implies consent for the organizing entities to process the personal data of each participant (by themselves or through those individuals or legal entities designated by them to carry out this process), and may incorporate said data to their file or automated files for which the organizing entities will then be responsible to for contacting the participant in the future. It is noted that the data may be used in future promotions and ceded to other companies unless the participant states otherwise

    The treatment of this data will be done in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th, 1999, Protection of Personal Data and Law 34/2002 of July 11th, 2004, Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce.

    The organizing entities reserve the right to use the names of the participating contestants for the purpose of their use in advertising in the media they deem appropriate and without the need for explicit notification, as well as the right to inform the participants of the commerical promotions and actions that the company carries out later by any means.

    The participant will have the right to access said files, as well as to correct or cancel their content, and to arrange or exercise their right of opposition simply by requesting it.

  • 9. Force Majeure:

    The organizing entities will not be liable if, due to external causes or force majeure, the conference can not be carried out in any of its terms specified above.

  • 10. Acception of these bases:

    Simple participation implies the acception of these legal bases in their entirety, so the manifestation of the non-acceptance of these will imply the exclusion of participation and, as a consequence, the organizing entity will be released from fulfillment of the obligation contracted with said participant.

    Likewise, participation in this conference implies the acceptance of the application of the fiscal regulations that result from mandatory application, as well as the express submission to the interpretative decisions made by the organizing entity.

  • 11. Rights of intellectual property

    By merely participating in the event, the participant accepts that, if any kind of intellectual or industrial creation is derived from the event, all of the rights of exploitation over them will belong to the organizers, in the proportion that procures from the existing agreements among them.

    The participant grants the organizers their express consent to disclose and publish the works that may result from the event, giving them exclusive rights to exploit them worldwide for an indefinite period of time, for any purpose that the organizers deem necessary and through any format, expressly waiving any compensation for it other than that which could result from participation in the event according to these rules. The participant declares the creations derived from their participation are original and, therefore, there exists full legal right to use them. The participant will be resonsible for the authorship and originality of the creates before the organizers and will also guarantee that they do not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular and without limitation, trademarks, copyright, or other intellectual and industrial property rights.

    The participant is obliged to perform all the actions that are required by the organizers to register in favor of these any rights of exploitation of the intellectual or industrial creations that may arise from the event. Participants are reserved their moral rights in relation to intellectual or industrial creations, which will be respected and safeguarded by the organizers.

  • 12. Applicable law and jursdiction:

    For everything that is not specified in these legal bases, the conference will be subject to the Spanish law that is in force at the time of the conference.

    For the knowledge of any type of litigation that could arise regarding the interpretation or application of these bases, both the organizing entity, like the participants in this conference, expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, expressly waiving any other right that they may have, if they have them.

  • 13. Transfer of image rights

    The participant accepts that different videos and photo reports will be carried out, which can later be used in a variety of media such as, but not limited to social networks, blogs, web pages, etc. of Pangea, Sodexo, and other associates. Consequently, the participant agrees to give their consent to the use of these contents in which their image may appear in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 1/ May 5, 1982, related to image rights, protection of privacy and personal honor.