The objective

EQUALITY was born out of the desire to provide different, innovative solutions to problems surrounding four key dimensions of quality of life: physical environment, health and wellbeing, social interaction, and comfort and efficiency.

In order to generate these distinct and tangible ideas/solutions, this initiative seeks international talent from women under 26 years of age, who will be the great leaders of tomorrow.

Who are we looking for?

For the first edition of EQUALITY, we will select 10 young women between 18 and 26 years old, who are creating a real impact in their immediate environment and are examples of transformation and leadership in their daily lives.

Those selected will work together, over the course of two days, in a workshop that will take place in Madrid and will be guided and supported with mentors that work with Sodexo.


During the two-day workshop, the ten selected women will work with Sodexo and Trivu to create solutions that will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life within the four dimensions mentioned previously.

These two days will allow the participating women to participate in a unique experience thanks to Sodexo, including an informal dinner in one of the most fashionable restaurants in Madrid.

In addition, from among the ten women, two will be selected to attend UNLEASH 2018 (September 26th-28th), Trivu’s grand festival of young talent, where they will be able to share the experiences they had during the 2-day workshop with Sodexo.


The following are the professionals from Sodexo who will lead, guide, and help the selected women throughout the workshop:

Amalia RodriguezHR DirectorHeineken

Mireia VidalHR DirectorL'Oréal

Emma GinerPeople & Organization ShakerEntrepreneur

Margarita Álvarez P de ZabalzaChief Marketing & Communication OfficerEntrepreneur

Susana AyoCultural & Digital Transformation AcceleratorEntrepreneur

Angeles MeraMarketing & Communication DirectorSopra Steria

Pilar LagunaDirector of the Observatory of EducationUniversidad Rey Juan Carlos

Beatriz LobatónDirector of Programs, Conferences and EventsFundación Rafael del Pino

María AlonsoDirector of Legal / General Counsel Spain, Portugal and GreeceEli Lilly and Company


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